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AEM Comparative Vacuum Monitoring (CVM™)

SMS is focused on the development, manufacture, sales and support of Comparative Vacuum Monitoring (CVM™) Smart Sensor Solutions technology and test equipment for meeting crack detection and inspection requirements for certain metal structures of commercial airframes. Working in collaboration with major US airlines, CVM™ is the first FAA approved airframe crack detection compliance sensor solution for use on select B737 aircraft, and in development for further airframe applications.

CVM™ is the leading Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) technology in a move to a more predictive, remote and automated non-destructive testing future. The technology can provide accurate, reliable, and in-situ monitoring of the structural integrity of airframes, civil infrastructure, bridges, mining equipment and oil and gas pipelines.

What are CVM Smart Sensor Solutions?

Comparative Vacuum Monitoring (CVMTM) is the first technology to become commercially available, and FAA certified, to significantly reduce costs associated with airframe structural health monitoring inspections at heavy and out-of-sequence checks.

Maximizes scheduled maintenance program efficiencies, reduces downtime, and restores thousands of flight hours across entire fleet networks
CVM™ has been designed and developed for more than 15 years, working in partnership with several major industry airlines and OEMs
Airline operator adoption of CVM™ technology has occurred and routine use is underway
FAA certification process has been established to streamline future applications
At the forefront of the move to predictive, remote and automated non-destructive testing
Flight Hours Restored
Flight Days Gained
Labor Hours Avoided
Source: Delta Air Lines
The aviation industry provides a substantial market for a variety of applications and programs to facilitate the commercial expansion of the CVM™ technology platform, with an expert, suitably qualified global team engaged in identifying applicable global markets where the technology may be successfully applied.
SMS expects the CVM™ technology to become the routinely accepted method for performing periodic, ongoing structural monitoring on a growing range of aircraft types worldwide, and for subsequent FAA approvals to remain ongoing.
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